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isotunes pro matte black review

ISOTunes PRO “Murdered Out” in Matte Black Review

(this article contains affiliate links, but is not sponsored by the manufacturer) I am ALL about shop safety, Norm taught me well as a kid, I never want to be taken out of my shop by a dumb mistake or ...
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ridgid tools, most used, cordless tools review

My 5 Most Used RIDGID Cordless Tools

As sort of a follow up to my RIDGID unboxing video from a few months back I wanted to share with you guys what my 5 most used tools were from RIDGID.  Check out the video to find out more! ...
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Impact drill, Makita ridgid

So Many Impact Drivers!

When you go to home depot or whatever your hardware store of choice is there are so many impact drivers and drills to choose from but why? I mean I get it there are a bunch of different brands, but ...
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western chisel Comparison

There’s about to be a – CHISEL SHOOTOUT!

You can get a chisel for a dollar. You can get one for several hundred, but what's the difference?  Are expensive chisels really worth the money?  Are cheap ones no good? In this video, I compare many qualities of these ...
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Ridgid Tools

Huge RIDGID tools unboxing

Hey guys, It is not very often that you come across this many tools at one time.  In this video, I unbox basically all of the new RIDGID 5X line.  By no means is this a review, those will come ...
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Table Saw before and after

How to Quickly Clean the Rust Off of a Table Saw

Check out this quick tip from Wood.Work.LIFE on how to clean a rusty table saw top. Whether it be a garage saw kept over the winter or an old beater you buy on Craigslist, this is the fastest way to ...
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Smoothing Plane Shootout No. 4 in D flat Minor

I am a hybrid woodworker I suppose, I guess I am really a “get stuff done” woodworker. The electric planer is a thing of beauty for milling up gnarly grain and rough sawn stock. For fine tuning fits, getting smooth ...
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This is What it Sounds Like When Dovetails Cry

Dozuki Z Saw As a hand tool woodworker or a hybrid woodworker looking for a little more finesse or a maybe some extra love into a project you have a few options for cutting fine joinery.  For a back saw ...
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To Brush or not to Brush, is it a Question?

Makita XT248 Brushless Two Piece Combo by Rick LaFaver All carpenters, woodworker, tradesman, hel even homeowners and hobbyists have a few best friends that get them through the day.  First off, and most importantly there is coffee.   Coffee (I ...
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Grocery List: Milk, Eggs, Handtools?

If you watch any of Paul Sellers great videos online, you will know he almost exclusively uses his set of razor sharp chisels from ALDI. When he first mentioned these things I was still a little hot in the pants ...
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